How to run Postman from specific folder


I have a collection in which I have 5 folders say folder1, folder2, folder3, folder4, folder5 which contains my Postman scripts.

I want to execute Potman scripts from folder4 till last folder, how can I achieve through newman command.

Hello @svarshney2311,

Yes its the same command for single and multiple folders.


Sample Syntax: newman run “collection_name” --folder “folder1name” --folder"folder2name"

Please try this, make sure to give the folder name inside double quotes, because it may contains spaces. Add all your environment variables and global variables as usual :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!!

Thanks @bpricilla for your reply!!
I have 20 folders after folder4 , so I dont want to give each folder name in the command, except I want to give one folder name and all the folders after that should execute.

–folder will run only specific folder.

Is there any way I can achieve this?

Sorry @svarshney2311, I don’t think you have the option to exclude the folders. As above you need to list all the folder names which needs to be executed.