How to Reuse json-schema in Postman

How can I reuse this json-schema in postman without copying and pasting it in different postman requests:

“type”: “array”,
“items” : [
{“type”: “object”,
“properties” :
“id”: {“type”: [“null”, “number”]},
“locale”: {“type”: [“null”, “string”]},
“name”: {“type”: [“null”, “string”]},
“created_at”: {“type”: [“null”, “string”]},
“updated_at”: {“type”: [“null”, “string”]},
“deleted_at”: {“type”: [“null”, “string”]},

                    "pivot": {"type": "object",
                    "properties" :{
                        "op_city_id": {"type": ["null", "number"]} ,
                        "language_id": {"type": ["null", "number"]}

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This looks similar to How to save schema to environment and reuse it after. Please check this and let me know if this what you are looking for?

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Thank you it worked :grinning: