How to respond to message shortcut in slack from postman?

I am working on a collection I want know when user trigger the message shortcut in slack it post the payload to the postman webhook url(that I already created), after that my app should respond with an HTTP status 200 OK within 3000ms of receiving the payload.
I don’t know how to respon with HTTP status 200 OK, i know we can send data back to slack using response_url(that we received from the payload).
I know this can be possible using mock server but I can’t able to figure how to do that?
Please anyone help me with this issue.
I really need your help.

What have you tried so far?

What does your set up look like?

Where have you see this working with a mock server to know that it’s possible?

Please expand on the details of the question and provide more context and examples to bring the information to life.

The more detail you add to the question, the higher change that someone will be able to help you reach a solution.

This is how my setup look like

This is where I see:
My collection run perfectly fine but when I trigger the message shortcut, it shows me this error message on slack
Screenshot from 2021-01-21 19-49-58
I already setup my postman webhook url in the slack app management.
Could you please help me to fix this?

I’m not at my machine to even try this out but the request body would need to be in the format/structure to what the Slack API expects to receive.

I don’t think that you can add any old body in there because it’s going to be formulating a Slack message from it and I expect a certain structure is required.

This is taken from there docs:

  "type": "section",
  "text": {
    "type": "mrkdwn",
    "text": "A message *with some bold text* and _some italicized text_."

When I have tried this in the past, the URL on the request would something like this:<id>

And you add the Postman generated webhook URL to the Slack side.

Thanks for your response
Now, I did like this as you said

But when I trigger the message shortcut from the slack, it says sorry that didn’t work
This is how I setup the postman webhook
Screenshot from 2021-01-23 18-27-59
But everytime I trigger the message shortcut, it shows me an error, but the collection run perfectly fine and send the message back to slack what I saved in the body and I didn’t see any error on monitors console.
Do you have any idea how to fix that?

I don’t know what else you’re doing or have in front of you so all I’m offering is guess work. :grin:

I didn’t use that Slack option previously, I used the Slash Command option and added my Postman webhook there once I went through the guide.

If you’re using a different option, there should be plenty of documents available to you, created by Slack, to help with getting that working.

I tried to find but I can’t able to figure out how to remove that error.
I know How to work with slash commands but I want to use message shortcut.