How to pass RSA key as request in postman body


I need to pass RSA key as Json request in Postman body using POST API Call. I tried using form-data where in json file i used [{“RSAKey” : “— RSA PrivateKey BEGIN—
— RSA PrivateKey END—”}]

and in Content type used: application/Json. After execute the API getting error like "failed to parse JSON input: invalid character ‘-’ in numeric literal "

I tried to pass the RSA key in request raw body but it requires there to format like new line to single line. I don’t want to format, Just want to post data as it is.

Need urgent help to fix this.

This will be down to the API.

Can you provide details on the API specification?

A well documented API should have example requests.

This should tell you if its form data, or a JSON body, or something else entirely.

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