How to not send param if postman variable is not set

I have a problem where I have an optional HTTP Header that specifies which sandbox my API call should hit. leaving this field blank resolves to the production “sandbox”.

Ideally i’d like to create a Postman Env that doesn’t have this field at all, but create collections that include it. It seems that if I set my HTTP Header to have: x-sandbox : {{SANDBOX_NAME}} and SANDBOX_NAME env variable is not set, it will send the actual string value of {{SANDBOX_NAME}} in the http header, which of course confuses/breaks the API.

Is there some way I can denote my x-sandbox HTTP header to only send if the associated variable is defined?

My collection is re-used across a large team, so I’d like to make this declaration IN the postman collection itself (rather than in a Postman app config, or in the Postman env file since those are not shared across the users of this collection)

Hi @empire29,

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Yes this is possible! Doing some quick testing, I was able to produce the following for you:

if (pm.environment.get("SANDBOX-NAME") === "") {


If you place the above in a Pre-Request script, you will see your desired behavior.

Here I check if that variable has no value assigned to it. If it does not, it removes the “x-sandbox” header, just as desired. Then otherwise, It will leave the header in there and it gets passed along with the resolved value.

For further reference, check out this video I made on Pre-Request and Test Scripts.

Let me know if this works!


You could also use the .has() function but reverse this so that it would be true if it didn’t have the SANDBOX-NAME environment variable.

if (!pm.environment.has("SANDBOX-NAME")) {

Thanks - i was hoping for a simple JSON key/value - ill see if i can figure out how to get this into my Swagger -> Postman Collection conversion script in a sane way. Appreciate the feedback!

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