How to log all Requests/Responses in Postman Console if status code 302 found?

When I call an API, it gives me 302 status code and follows many redirects before giving me a final result. In Postman Console, only one Request/Response logged in. I am interested to see all the followed 302 redirects. I saw one setting “Automatically follow redirects” ON/OFF but if do OFF, the API flow stops in first 302.

Is this possible in Postman native app to record all requests/responses? I can’t see such a configuration.

I believe that you would have to write “test” scripts in order to capture the redirect URL and create a NEW call for each of the expected redirects.

CALL 1 =

  • returns “302” {{redirectURL1}}

CALL2 = {{redirectURL1}}

  • returns {{redirectURL2}}

CALL3 = {{redirectURL2}}

  • {{redirectURL3}}

… Etc…until you get to your landing page…

I believe this is the only way to actually “log” the redirects to the console.