How to know if test failed or passed from the TestScript tab

I have Postman collection and I have a folder that has 2 API request needs to run
- call_2
I have written some test in the call_1 Tests tab of Postman like below and I need to delay for 30 sec before going to the second call_2.

  1. Is there a way to check in the ‘Tests’ tab if a test failed or passed so that I don’t run the delay part of the code and skip call_2

    pm.test(‘Response from UDP: 200 OK’, function () {;

    var resp = pm.expect(pm.response);

    pm.test(‘Response is JSON: OK to process’, function () {

    pm.test(gtCheck, function() {
    var expectedQName=’'queuname";
    var eventId = bq;
    var QueueName = Object.keys(parsedData.topic)[0] ;
    var QueueId = Object.values(parsedData.topic)[0] ;
    pm.expect(parseInt(QueueId, 10)).gt(40096419239401);


    function delayRequestToQuery() {
    setTimeout(function () {
    console.log(“waiting here for 30 seconds before making BQ call”);

After looking into this, I felt that pm.test() is not returning a boolean to determine if a test failed/passed. It also stated that the old way of test like tests["HTTP Status Code = 200"] = responseCode.code === 200; which is one way to get the test failed/passed will be deprecated soon( not sure how soon that soon is)

@Pushyamig , I asked a similar question in the past that was graciously answered here: