How to get Response Header Value into new Get request

How do i get a Dynamic Response Value into a new request:

I need to get the Response i get from my Post request . In my example i need the exact Value
i get in my Location Value into a new Get request but the Value is changing everytime i send a new request so i cant just create a Variable.

Is there any way to chain my requests, so i can first send my post request and right after he is taking the whole Value and just create a new Get request with that value?

You need to store the results in a collection level variable.

It can then be used by any other request in the collection (including the following GET request).

The basics on storing responses are covered in the Postman learning available through the learning center on the Postman homepage.


Skip down to Postman Training on the next page.

From here, I recommend the Galaxy APIs 101, and Galaxy Testing and Automation as this covered all of the basics for me. This will include storing environment variables.


For more info on variables.

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