How to get "Response Body" results from Runner Collection in Run results?

I set an environment variable (Case#) and have it referenced in a CSV data file
URL: GET https://[myURL]/{{Case#}}
I created a CSV file with 5 iterations of Case#
Runner Collection runs fine with Status=200.
When I hover over “Response Body” I can see the expected results.

How can I get the “Response Body” information detail in the Run results?

Thanks in advance!

Generally you can not get that info in the Collection Runner’s run results.
You can select the call from the runner and see some details about it however.

The other option that I use because we do CI/CD with Newman is I add a debug line to some calls to have this output into the CLI or Postman Console.

The only other option that I feel would be useful would be to use something like Newman and configure your reporters to output the response body in the reports.