How to get ID under mission feild

I have one API Response, Using Get method:

Response :
“tripId”: “10b37a90-9845-4921-a551-923dedc378a4”,
“organizationId”: “9d35db5e-defc-436f-b046-ec44697c75f4”,
“status”: “Created”,
“externalId”: “Ad45_8d-Dr”,
“name”: “Tripone”,
“missions”: [
“id”: “c527cab4-b8c4-4b02-9a80-ff15cc00e774”,
“address”: “Ter Waarde 49 8900 Ieper”,
“externalId”: “Ad45_8d-Dr”,
“action”: “Loading”,
“feedback”: [
“kind”: “Arrival”,
“id”: “9308bb00-4d70-48ed-b705-eabf09ace9c3”,
“location”: null,
“serverTimeUtc”: null
“kind”: “Finish”,
“comment”: null,
“files”: ,
“id”: “534cbbfd-1f5c-4be8-9af6-f30a072feee8”,
“location”: null,
“serverTimeUtc”: null

I want to fetch only ID Under Missions , that it should be fall in environments variables

Could you please help on this

Can you repost your example response using the preformatted text option so everything isn’t aligned to the left.

Missions appears to be an array.
Is there only one Mission in the response?

If there is only one mission, then you can target the ID using the following.

const response = pm.response.json();


Array indexes start at zero.