How to get console log when the test fails?

I have a problem with this test. I want get a consol.log when the installment value in my JSON is below 100(when test FAIL ). But as result, I have a PASS and FAIL in test results, that’s work but I can’t get any info in consol.log . I don’t know why my code doesn’t work. I thought else if give me the expected result. But still, it doesn’t work well.

Test script

var jsonData = JSON.parse(responseBody)

for(var i=0 ; i<=jsonData.length - 1; i++){{

for(var j=0 ; j<=jsonData[i].products.length - 1; j++)

pm.test("Installment > 100", function(){

if (pm.expect(jsonData[i].products[j].installment){}

else if(pm.expect(jsonData[i].products[j].installment)

I don’t know if json should be included in this type of question. Is the code enough?


The reason why this doesn’t work is because whenever a failure occurs by the pm.expect it basically throws the error and the error bubbles up from there.
In JS, if an error is thrown at a certain line, then the succeeding lines aren’t executed.

Similarly, in your case the console log is never executed since before that itself the error is thrown in the else if line.

What you’d want do is something like this:

const isInstallmentBelow100 = jsonData[i].products[j].installment < 100;

if (isInstallmentBelow100) {

// Now make your test pass or fail using the boolean check