How to get an array of a nested JSON response

Hey community!

I have the following payload that I`m receiving as a response:

    "Messages": [
            "CreationDate": "2021-09-20T16:09:55.683",
            "Code": "100",
            "Description": "Document authorized"
            "CreationDate": "2021-09-20T16:09:45.453",
            "Code": "904",
            "Description": "Document sent"
            "CreationDate": "2021-09-20T16:09:36.03",
            "Code": "903",
            "Description": "Document accepted"
            "CreationDate": "2021-09-20T16:09:31.123",
            "Code": "902",
            "Description": "Document validated"
            "CreationDate": "2021-09-20T16:09:24.33",
            "Code": "901",
            "Description": "Document mapped"
            "CreationDate": "2021-09-20T16:09:17.163",
            "Code": "900",
            "Description": "Document imported"

What I need to do is, get an array of all the [Messages][Description] items in order to do some assertions. I have tried the following approaches inside the Tests tab:

let response = pm.response.json(),

data = response["Messages"][0]["Description"];

And this:


However the first one returns me an undefined object, and the second one only returns based on the index provided, which doesn`t work for me, as I could have a variable number of Messages.Description. Is there a way to dynamically create an array?

    Description = (item)=>item.description)

Use array Map function , :relaxed::tada:

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Thanks @praveendvd for the solution!