How to get a url to my api definition?

noob here, can I get a link that points to an api definition (yaml file) in postman?

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Is this to one that you have within your own account or are you just looking for an example?

Would you be able to expand on the context here, please?

sure thing. Yes, this is one I built myself inside Postman by editing a yaml file. My goal is to get the definition into Azure so I can begin developing it. I’m aware that I can use postman to deploy to azure api management, but at the moment I’m not using that Azure feature to keep it simple and also because I’m on a free Azure plan. I’ve deployed a Web App in Azure, and under Web App->API Definition there is the ability to “load” an api definition from a URL. (Note: there doesn’t seem to be the ability to load a yaml file)

I’m new at this, trying to hack a prototype together as a non-technical founder while I recruit engineers, so there may be better ways to accomplish this. i appreciate your help!

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