How to fix it: JSONError: Unexpected token 'F' at 1:1 Forbidden ^

Please help to solve the problem.
I am trying to do an independent test on editing the article. Created variables for registration and new article.
But it constantly gives an error: JSONError: Unexpected token ‘F’ at 1:1 Forbidden ^
I don’t know what else can be fixed.
All the variables I use are in the screenshots.

Hello, did you find a mistake? I have the same but Error: Unexpected token ‘N’ at 1:1 Not Found ^

I would probably try those post requests separately in a collection before joining them together in a pre-request script.

I suspect the problem is that one of your variables isn’t writing correctly. (Probably the token, as you are getting a forbidden message).

It would be useful to see your console log on what was actually sent. Is the token showing correctly in the request?