How to count object in JSON?

Hi guys.

Can anyone tell me how to write a test that will count how many objects I have nested in JSON in the response.
I don’t know the number, so “to.equal” is out of the question.
I would like Postman to return a number in the console.
I searched the forum, none of the answers worked.

Postman uses JavaScript, so I would recommend searching the web with JavaScript in the title.

You have an object called data, with an array of objects called ib_clients.

I assume you mean the number of objects in that array which you can use the array.length() method.

JavaScript Array length Property (

const response = pm.response.json();

This will return the number in the console logs, but I can’t see how you can craft an appropriate test for this unless you know what the expected number will be.

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This works perfect :slight_smile:

var body = JSON.parse(responseBody);

tests["Array length is " +] = true;

Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-26 172830

Thanks for Your support :slight_smile:

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