How to correctly access the data in the database with the data type of long and ensure that the accuracy will not be los

Postman has successfully connected to the database and extracted the id value. However, because the id is of long type, precision loss will occur when the length is greater than 17 bits

For example, the value of id in my database is 1612690021891563521, and the value returned by accessing the database through the tool is 1612690021891563500. There will be a problem of precision loss.

The uploaded image is in the attachment

How to access the value of long type in the database, and the precision will not be lost

This isn’t a Postman issue but a limitation in JavaScript.

The usual work around is to save it as a string in the database (which is easier said than done and is a consideration that usually takes place during application\database design).

Google it, and you’ll see lots of conversations on the topic.