How to bypass a API run if the environment is PROD?

Only want to run POST APIs if the environment is QA not PROD.

Can we check this in pre-script, if it’s PROD, the pre-script just exit without continue ?

How about this pseudo code ?

if ( === “Prod”) {
console.log(“Don’t run”);
throw new Error(“No POST APIs for Prod”);

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The script would throw an error under that conditional statement and stop the run, stating that there was an error evaluating the pre-request script.

if ( === "PROD") {
    console.log("Don’t run");
    throw new Error("No POST APIs for Prod");

Hi Danny,

Thx for your reply.

A follow up question is, if i have a collection of 2 APIs.
The 1st API will have a pre-script as above.
The 2nd has no pre-script.

If i run this collection in PROD, will the 2nd API run ?

Hey @ningji,

Have you tried this out, maybe in a non PROD environment, to test what happens?

I find the best way to see if something works or not is to try it out :grin:

I only know part of what you’re trying to do, I can’t see the full picture - If you don’t want any requests to run in PROD, you can add this to the Collection level pre-request to error out at the first request in the Collection.

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