How to assign a request payload value to a variable

I’m trying to get a value from a POST request payload to a variable to use in a testing that possible? if is it possible, how can I do that?

Hi @yauwana.ravindra,

Is there a particular variable in the post request body that you want to save? If it’s the whole post request body, you can assign that to a variable and reference that variable in the request body.

If you can explain more of the use case, I can try to help some more. But from my understanding, setting the whole request body as a variable and then referencing that in the body should suffice.

You can also creat it programmatically in the pre request script and assign it to a variable from there.

If so, I can give you some reference code.


Hi @odanylewycz,

i figured it out by my self.I wanted to get a single value form the POST req. body and assign it to a variable in the Pre- req.

 var body = JSON.parse(;
 var type =;

Thank you for your reply. I was searching for this for two days.I’m a newbie to POSTMAN

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Hi @yauwana.ravindra,

I see now. I’m glad you were able to figure out the syntax you needed to get that value out from the request body and assign it to an environment variable.

You’re welcome! Nothing better than going through the process of figuring it out :smile:

If you need anymore help, I’ve made introduction and advanced videos on postman that might be helpful.

Additionally, @vdespa has a very good collection of postman videos on his channel.

Hope it helps!