How to add TLS 1.2 version in postman

I have a rest service which is using TLSv1.2. How to set tls version to TLSv1.2 while sending request through postman?

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We need response please

Select the drop-down and disable the protocols which you don’t want.

Hi @MuralidharGoud and @jagoraxr,

In addition to those setting above, TLS 1.2 is also something that’s negotiated during the handshake when the client and server agree on a protocol and a cipher to use when encrypting the connection.

If you are in control of the development server, I would also recommend only allowing TLS 1.2 from the server side, unless you have dependencies that require a lesser version.

Additionally, I would upload the client certificate via Postman’s setting so you can perform a successful TLS Handshake and not ignore it.

Hope this helps!

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