How to add dynamically generated authorization token to a new request in tabbed postman extension?

I have added tabbed postman extension to my browser, where I am working on two requests, the first request sends the login credentials and fetches an authorization token which needs to be added/passed along with the next request and along with all subsequent requests as well. The request for fetching authorization token works fine individually, but I am not able to get these two requests working together by fetching token from one and passing it to the other request. Some sites suggest that we need to use global variables for this and set the token value in the global variable, I find global variable option in Postman app but not in tabbed Postman extension. Please suggest what I should be doing in this case.

Hey @TVikaas1

I’m not too sure what the tabbed postman extension is to be honest. I wouldn’t recommend using it, it’s not something that the Postman team has created.

You mentioned about using the native desktop application, Is there anything stopping you using this for all of your requests?

It sounds like chaining requests and passing data between these is what you’re trying to achieve - Is that correct?