How to add bulk form data to post request

How to add bulk form data to post request

This is usually done by using the “Collection Runner” and Data files.


You can include a CSV or JSON file and it will iterate over the elements.

The elements can then use in a pre-request script to populate collection variables that can be used in your forms.

Hi @satellite-candidate3

Could you be a little more specific with your question?

Mike’s reply is informative and hopefully it helps, but I can’t help but wonder if you are referring to this tab?

Depending on what you actually mean by “bulk form-data”, you can add multiple rows here which would all be submitted when you click “send”.

yes can you please write the steps to add the bulk data in Form-data Rows in single API request

You can’t unless the API supports multiple records in a single request.

If it does support multiple records, then it wouldn’t usually be form data though, but a JSON body.

If the API doesn’t support multiple records in a single request, then this is where the Collection runner and Data Files come into play. (Please read the links previously supplied).