How to add a time sleep between each test when looping through a data file in the Postman collection?

my postman collection use a data file and run tests with each data from the file.
it works but our internal system is not able to handle too many tests at one time.
How can i add a time sleep between each test?
Thank you

Hey @ps198478320

Could you clarify that you meant handle too many requests rather than handle the tests within the request?

yes it’s too many requests rather than tests within the requests.

Have you tried increasing the number in the Delay field?

This number is in milliseconds so 1000 ms for 1 second etc.

In fact i wanted to add --delay-request 3000 in
but i don’t know where to add this line.

is itcorrect?
output=$(newman run $COLL_PATH --working-dir $WORK_PATH --reporters cli --timeout 800000 --timeout-request 50000 --timeout-script 40000 --delay-request 3000)

Looks right to me…

  • --delay-request
    Specify the extent of delay between requests (milliseconds).