How do I iterate through a list and return a result for each item?

Very new to Postman and APIs so I apologize if the wording of the question is confusing or even incorrect.

I have two variables under Path Variables called projectID and scenarioID and these get passed to the API and I get some project information associated with those aforementioned IDs. The problem is, I have a bunch of projectIDs and scenarioIDs that I need to get information for. How do I loop through the list of projects to get this? Is it even possible?

Have a look at the following links.

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If you are new to Postman I would recommend the Postman training links which are located under “other resources” in the Learning Centre.

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The “Galaxy API’s 101” course gets you used to sending requests and the GUI.

The “Galaxy Testing and Automation” gets you used to testing your responses and using variables, basic scripting, etc.

Also take a look at the following.

Postman JavaScript reference | using-environment-variables-in-scripts

Finally, Postman uses JavaScript under the hood, If you are going to be scripting, I would also recommend learning some JavaScript basics. WC3 schools is a good place to start.