Hide subfolder from documentation

I have a collection and I want to make a documentation out of it, but I need to hide 1 sub-folder from the documentation. Is this possible?


Hi @alzarka! Not at this time, no. Would you mind telling us a bit more about your use case so we can look into it as a possible future feature? In particular, all of our generated documentation has a “Run in Postman” button, so it would download with the sub-folder, even if the sub-folder was hidden in the UI (and the sub-folder would not be hidden in the app, so any sensitive information would be visible to them then). Is the collection meant to run for your audience (whoever’s using it) with that sub-folder included? If not, I recommend duplicating the collection and removing the sub-folder from the duplicate, which you can then publish.

Yes, I could duplicate it and remove the sub-folder from duplicated and publish. But I am asked to do tests and documentation with the same one. Because if I duplicate it and later there will be any changes in our system then we will need to edit in original one and duplicate.

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Hello, I have similar issue. I have request which return JSON. There is URL inside that JSON, I want to test that URL if response has code 200. I tried pm.sendRequest but it’s async. So I’m thinking about creating another API request inside postman collection. But It’s important to hide it in documentation, because it can confuse our customers when they are doing implementation of our API. So do you have some solution for it?

Same request here. I have a project that is in QA use with a 3rd party and I have new methods I am working on for enhancements to the service. I don’t want these methods visible to them at this time. It would be nice to be able to exclude them from the documentation without having to create a new project.

Would love to see this as well. I have a few requests that I use for handling errors in tests, which I don’t want seen in documentation. However, I have to copy-paste my whole collection, then remove the utility requests. Could be something as simple as hiding all folders with a leading “_” (eg, a folder named “_utilities” would appear in all Postman clients, but would not be visible in the documentation)

Critical function for us. We need to hide admin functions from the public.

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It would be great!! we have some administration functions that shoud not be available for general users documentation

I can only support the arrival of this function “hidden”, in the same case that many I have two file with functions that I would like to keep private or in phase of test but at the moment the only solution is duplicated.

I’d also join - it would be a very useful feature. We have a few endpoints we don’t want to share with clients, but to create two version of docs and keep them manually in sync, just because of a few endpoints causes some overhead.

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I’d love the ability to set “Private” on requests or folders so they’re hidden from docs.