Help required with API - AssertionError: expected false to be truthy

I am trying to run an API which will add hosts to a group. when i try running API individually using a single host or a couple more using comma and quotes. process works fine.

However when i am trying to use a CSV file with a single column which has the host id , i get AssertionError: expected false to be truthy error.

when i look into the body of the error, syntax if run individually will run without any issues.

i am using an API to perform /host-group-actions/v1?action_name=add-hosts

within the body i am calling variable HOST

{“action_parameters”:[{“name”:“filter”,“value”: “({{HOST}})”}],“ids”: [“is a randon group”]}

and in TEST tab i have:

tests[“Body contains HOST”] = responseBody.has(‘data.HOST’);

CSV looks like

In the console, i can see the exact format of host names which i can simply plug in, in an individual API call and get successful result however when variable is called via CSV iteration will give Body contains HOST | Assertion Error: expected false to be truthy

to value in body i am also trying to add clientid:[’ '] not sure how to do that.

Please help

Could you please share the response body you get running api individually, it’s just you are trying to get from response, so I would like to verify it exists