Having issue with Day 12 of 30 days developer challenge

I tried searching everywhere and im not getting any solution to this as im stuck on the challenge.
Im getting an assertion error for environment on day 12 challenge

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What do you have in the environment file? From the assertion error it looks like you’re missing a variable.

Have you tried walking through the scenario again, using the documentation as a guide, to ensure you haven’t missed a step?

As suggested in documentation it only says to make 3 variables

I got it somewhat the challenge is bugged as I tried adding a none variable and somehow it worked.
Thank you for replying and trying to solve the issue.

You’re welcome, always here to help :trophy:

Looking at the documentation for Day 12 - It looks like the postman_api_key variable should also be stored in the environment, which would make that 4 and pass the test.

By added something random, like none as a variable, it would pass as it’s only checking for the total number of variables rather than the names of them.

  pm.test('get single environment', () => {
    pm.expect(response).to.have.property('code', 200);
    pm.expect(response).to.have.property('status', 'OK');
    pm.expect(response.json().environment.values.length, 'check environment variables').to.equal(4)

    pass += 1

Can u also help me with day 13 challenge where we have to write a script for average height>100 as I dont know much of Java Script.

Hi @navigation-cosmonau2 !

Definitely learning some JavaScript would be a great place to get started. Understanding JavaScript is vital when working with Postman test scripts and many other web-related tasks.

To truly harness the power of scripting within Postman and other platforms, it would be beneficial to have a foundational understanding of JavaScript. I’d recommend investing some time in learning the basics of the language. Websites like Codecademy and FreeCodeCamp offer comprehensive and beginner-friendly courses on JavaScript, and they can be a fantastic place to start.

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