Has anyone done a walk through with "Intro to APIs Part 2" video?

I am a newbie to APIs and started with some of the wonderful Postman beginner tutorial videos. I found them to be very helpful. However, when I got to the 2nd video in the intro series, Intro to APIs Part 2, I found that when I tried to follow along nothing was working.

The video tells you to go to [jobs.github.com](https:// jobs.github.com) There are links there which show what a typical html page looks like vs JSON. However, when I click on the links they are not functional. "{“error”:"GitHub Jobs is deprecated! New jobs will not be posted from May 19, 2021. It will shut down entirely on August 19, 2021. Read more in: https://github.blog/changelog/2021-04-19-deprecation-notice-github-jobs-site/"}"

It makes it harder to put into practice. Curious if anyone else has seen this and any workarounds you might suggest?

I reached out to Valentin Despa who gives the tutorial. I like how he explains things. He validated there is an issue. I am sorry about the GitJobs API. They have no longer added jobs and plan to stop this API, unfortunately. The API itself is still working, but there are no longer so many jobs."