Grpc mock server url use in local development (asap)

Hi i have a GRPC client written in Golang, since postman provides a url in mock server how can i use it.

func getQuotationGRPCClient() (*grpc.ClientConn, quotationServices.QuotationServiceClient) {
	grpcConnectionInfo := serverutilsgrpc.GrpcConnectionInfo{
			ListenAddress: "",
			DialOptions:   []grpc.DialOption{grpc.WithInsecure()},
       	conn := serverutilsgrpc.GetGrpcConnection(grpcConnectionInfo, logglyLogger.GetLogrusEntry())
	client := quotationServices.NewQuotationServiceClient(conn)
	return conn, client

Using this url gives error as “connection error: desc = "transport: Error while dialing dial tcp: address missing port in address"”

Please help asap!!!

@punit You need to establish a TLS connection. Also, from the error message, use port 443.