GraphQL schema fails to load when using token variable

I was trying to find similar issue, but could not find, so here it is:

When trying to load the GraphQL schema in Postman request that uses global bearer token variable as authentication, then the schema loading fails with internal 500 error, however the GraphQL queries work just fine. If I put just the token value in authorization, then schema loads successfully. I guess that’s a bug?

UI version

Desktop platform version


OS platform
win32 10.0.19045

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Could you expand on how you’re adding/using a global bearer token variable here? I don’t quite understand how you have that in the platform.

At what level would you be adding that token variable in Authorization?

Could you share more screenshots, please? Mask any of the sensitive details before submitting.

Okay so I have a global variable that contains bearer token value.
This variable is used in place of bearer token for the graphql request

Now let us run the request, it works fine

But if I try to load the schema, it fails

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