Give a date in a body to a GET request

Hello, I am using Azure functions and i have a connection to a SQL server. In my SQL i have a select statement as following.

SELECT * FROM dbo.database WHERE date='2021-02-05'.

This works just fine. In code i have

"SELECT * FROM dbo.database WHERE date=" + date.

However if i try giving it a date in the postman body it gives me a error that it couldn’t convert string to integer. The body looks like this right now.

     "date:" '2021-02-05'

Anyone that can help me with this? Thanks in advance

Hi @dobbedanny

You don’t pass body content into a GET request.
Perhaps you can filter a date by query parameter, IF the endpoint was implemented to work so.

what code , what language you are using . How are you extacting the date part in your code try converting date to string before concatenation operation