Getting authentication cookies from From login

I have an API that uses cookes for authentication. Basically the user POST form data in the form of user name and password and a response is generated and cookies are generated as well

I generate the request in Postman like


This generates cookies as displayed on the Postman App

If I set these cookies when I make subsequent calls to each resource API It is authenticated and a valid response is generated if the cookies are either not present or invalid then I just get a 401 Unauthorized response. I would like to test/exercise many different many resources on this API all that require these cookies be present. I was wondering if there was an example where the “login” is incorporated into a pre-request script and the cookies are somehow transferred to global environment variables that can be used in all requests. I have looked at the documentation and I cannot find out how to read response cookies and then transfer them to subsequent requests. I see a lot of information about creating a cookie jar and adding cookies to it but I don’t see how to read the cookies from a response.