GET request: (int) parameter always sent as zero

Hi guys!

I’m just a postman starter and I’m trying to test an API I’m currently working on.

While performing a simple GET request to the server, it goes along with an id parameter. No matter the value I set in postman I keep getting zero on the server side. Here’s the request I’m sending https://localhost:5001/Customer/Get?id=3 . Also tested this on other web methods and I get exactly the same behaviour.

I’m using Postman version

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Hey @jediez, you probably are aware of this but just to help you cross-check it - is id a path variable or a query param?

A path variable is represented like this:


So using the path variable you would call it like:


If it’s a query param, then it would be like how you’ve written:


A suggestion would be to check the outgoing request by opening Postman Console and debugging the request to see what’s the entire request body and is it in alignment with what your server expects.