Get code for authentication (oauth 2.0)

Hi helpful Postman geniuses.

As I’m quite certain many do, I often test an api call and use the get code feature to give me the general code to create a function with (using PHP in my case). Obviously adding params to the function and replacing the hard values with those variables. This has been a huge time saver! Thank you for providing that option as it’s been very helpful.

I also find the authentication settings extremely helpful. I actually had an authentication process (oauth 2.0) that I wasn’t able to get code to work with, but I was able to get Postman to run the process and ultimately provide the access / refresh tokens. I could just manually do that and then code for refreshing regularly.

Most of the time, I haven’t had any issues with authentication and my code. But I have this one client that the api did not follow some of the same protocols. Postman however, was able to provide the process to ultimately get the tokens with.

My question then, is there a way to ‘get code’ for the authentication because I’m obviously missing some single part that I normally haven’t had issue with and if there were a way to ‘get code’ I would both be able to solve my problem and likely learn what the problem was in this individual case.

Thanks for any input or help!