Generate Bearer token for NetSuite in Postman

I am trying to generate Bearer token in Postman for NetSuite. It includes to step process.
First Step is

Step One GET Request to the Authorization Endpoint

Step 2 is

Step Two POST Request to the Token Endpoint

I have all the details but still i am not able to implement this 2 step process in Postman.
It could be great anyone could join this discussion and help me out resolving this.


Hey @amar-solifi :wave:

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What’s the endpoint expecting? What is the structure of the request?

Are you following some documentation that you can share?

Every API is not implemented in the same way so there isn’t a generic answer, sharing more details of what that particular API is expecting, is going to be helpful here.

Hi @danny-dainton ,

Thanks for the reply. Actually i am following the below documentation
Step 1 –
Step 2–

Step 1 documentation is all about generating the Authorization Code


Step 2 documentation is all about generating the token using the code obtained from Step 1

I am struggling to get the Authorization Code from Step 1. I tried below settings in Postman

It is returning Satrus Ok but it is not taking me to any browser page from where i could get the Authorization code. May be i am doing some mistake in the settings or in the approach.

If you will look into the above documentation that i mentioned for Step 1 and Step 2 then you will be able to understand the process that i am following


You can’t mimic this type of authentication in Postman as a straight up request.

It requires user interaction.

You will need to use the authorization helper (the auth tab) as this will provide a pop up browser dialogue so that the flow can complete.

This is what Postman is returning. It’s the HTML that would be in the browser dialogue.


Thanks for the reply but can you suggest something to achieve this ?

Use the authorization helper. (The auth tab).