Galaxy API Adoption Test Collection Error


I just finished completing the training for Galaxy API Adoption. All parts are completed but the dynamic variable still shows an error and I’m not sure why since I have replaced all parts that I could think of with a dynamic variable in the saved example, yet it still says there’s none.

Any idea what’s going on please? Thanks!
API test error
get customer dynamic variable

Hey @research-geologist10 :wave:

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Could you share a full app image of those added to the request body please?

I’m not sure you’re adding them to the correct place, judging by the image - the sub menu doesn’t look quite right but I’d need to see the full image to know for sure.

Or there could be a issue with some unsaved changes.

Hi Danny,

Thanks for your response.

I have added it in the saved example for the “Get customer” since this seems to be the only place I can edit the code? If that’s not the right place, please let me know, the instructions were not clear on that and I deal much better with visual instructions added lol.

I also seem to have an issue with that picture link that’s shown in this screenshot, it doesn’t show anywhere in the visualisation even if added in the actual code for the visualisation itself (that’s why I added it in the example part so I know it’s there, I know in this place it will not display).


Hi @danny-dainton,

Any advice on the above? I’m still stuck on it tbh.

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For the failing test (Added dynamic variables to request body), I would have expected to see some dynamic variables in the request body of the Add item request.

I’m not able to see that on your image, are you able to share an image of what your have in the request body for that request?