Flows! FQL help

Hello there! :sunflower:

2nd-day discovering Postman Flows. What an amazing tool - I really do love it.
However, unfortunately, I’m not familiar with and haven’t gotten a hang of FQL yet… The syntax for some things just doesn’t click in my head.

I’ve made another one of these big Flows, but the issue I’m running into is returning some values between two fields.

Basically, I have 1 field which is the input (spotifyValueArtist), and another field which is the already existing data (PDvalueArtist). I want to compare these two, and only return the stuff that’s not in PDvalueArtist

Here’s a short visual representation of them:

How should the FQL look like, so I only get the values of spotifyValueArtist that do not already exist in PDvalueArtist?

I’ve already tried:
spotifyValueArtist[$not(PDvalueArtist)] - just gives me an error.
$filter((spotifyValueArtist), $not (PDvalueArtist)) - returns null

Thank you so much! :crossed_swords:

Hey @andreskoljalg, FQL is still evolving and we will continue to make it simpler.

For now the query will look something like this

$filter(spotifyValueArtist, fn ($v1) { 
   $count($filter(PDvalueArtist, fn($v2) { $v1 = $v2 })) = 0


  1. We are filtering the values in spotifyValueArtist List using a user-defined function fn ($v1) {}
  2. The fn($v1) is filtering the list PDvalueArtist and generating another list where both the strings are same
  3. Finally we use the $count function to check that the count is 0, i.e the strings in PDvalueArtist did not match spotifyValueArtist
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Thank you Saswat! You truly are a lifesaver :face_holding_back_tears:

I’d never figure it out on my own :sweat_smile:

Great to see that ya’ll are so helpful, and your Support is next level as well! 10/10 favourite product I know. Ya’ll should do merch.