Flow doesn't save properly

I’m working on a flow and I’m experiencing weird behaviour. Sometimes, I make a bunch of changes, and I get feedback that I saved:


But if I close and reopen the Flow, It loads an older state. My most recent changes are gone.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still on the free plan, or if I hit some limit in terms of number of blocks / connections / etc.

It’s not because I was idle. I’ve done some tests now where I made the change, validated the auto-save, and then immediately closed and reopened the flow. 50/50 chance my last change isn’t there.

Seems if I continuously close the desktop app, and then reopen it, more of my latest changes are retained. So I’m thinking that this is a bug.

Hi @atorrenosensei

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Sorry you’re experiencing this issue.

Could you tell me:

  1. Which version of the application are you using? Settings → about will have this info.
  2. Did this just start recently? After an upgrade?
  3. The ID of the Flow this is happening on? When viewing the flow, there’s an info icon on the right hand side panel that when clicked shows the flow id.

Postman for Windows 11.0.12. I remember seeing a prompt to upgrade in the morning. I upgraded, and then in the afternoon started to notice this issue.

We started using Postman a month ago, and did notice saving issues similar to how I described. But at the time we figured we were doing something wrong. When I posted yesterday, it was the first time I started paying attention, to determine root cause.

Flow ID 663163dfcaa10600319b012a

Other info which might be helpful

  • Free tier
  • Team workspace with 3 members
  • Flow originally created by one member, and I was making edits

Thanks for taking a look!


Thank you for providing that info, we’re looking into it.

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Some more info that might help:

  • As part of my investigation, I opened both Postman on the web, and the desktop application
  • I opened the same flow, and put them side by side so I could observe
  • If I changed the flow on one side, it would immediately reflect on the other side
  • If I closed the tab on one side, the other side would stay unchanged :+1:
  • If I reopened the closed tab, it was at a weird zoom and different position from before
  • The other side immediately reverted. :-1:

Hi @atorrenosensei. I am the engineer looking into the issue. I can indeed confirm that one of tabs stuck in the older state has inadvertantly overridden the work.

We maintain a history of all changes being made to a flow, so I can observe a few times when this happened. I just wanted to assure you that none of the changes are lost if you see the Saved green tick, we can always recover to an previous state. (We are working towards making this feature also available to all our user).

The reproduction steps are really helpful, we will give you an update once we confirm the root-case and have a fix out for this issue. This is high-priority for us. Once again really sorry that you had to face this issue.

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Hi @atorrenosensei , I was able to reproduce the issue based on your steps and I have fixed it internally. Currently testing for stability. However, getting the fix out requires us to push an update to the postman app. I will try and get it out as soon as possible. Thanks.

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Hi @s-a-g-e. Could you please tell me how can I rollback postman flow? Have the same issue.