"Find and Replace" with an empty string / delete?

I have numerous (hundreds) POST requests in one collection. I need to remove one of the line which is present in the body of all those requests. I cannot find a way to delete the line through “Find and Replace”.

Current example:
“vm_use”: “default”,
“vm_sla”: “gold”,
“vm_loc”: “yyh”,

Target example:
“vm_use”: “default”,
“vm_loc”: “yyh”,

I using 10.21.14 on Windows.

How can we delete a line from request body, using “Find and Replace” function in Postman ?


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The find and replace feature wouldn’t be able to do that, you could find the vm_sla key with the body of the request but it wouldn’t delete the key/value pair from the object.

I think that this would need to be done within a text editor or be creating a script and parses the Collection JSON and would remove those lines.

Hi Danny,
Is there a version of my collection somewhere on my Windows PC ?
I could find some data in “C:\Users\moi\AppData\Roaming\Postman” but no collection.
Or is it all in Postman “cloud” ? And I would have to export the collection, have notepad++ do the magic, then re-import the collection ?
Thanks for the support

Exporting the Collection from the UI, open that file in a text editor and then re-import after would be the way that I would go.

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