Filter on multiple values in the endpoint

Hello people, I’m relatively new to API testing and having a small problem with getting my Filter correct on the endpoint.
I want to get responses based on some values and my Filter is not working.
I have searched on the forums but couldn’t get my answer.

I want responses from a field value that contains 2, 3 or 6.
So i use a Filter in my endpoint. But I think i’m writing it in the wrong way?

The response is empty. If i clear the Filter with “pamt_type” then i’m getting multiple responses including a row with pamt_type = 6.

I’ve already tried:

  1. {{restUrl}}/Documents/pamt/?Filter=part_num = {{partnum}} and pamt_type = 2 or 3 or 6
    → No responses
  2. {{restUrl}}/Documents/pamt/?Filter=part_num = {{partnum}} and pamt_type = 2, 3, 6
    → No responses
  3. {{restUrl}}/Documents/pamt/?Filter=part_num = {{partnum}} and pamt_type = 6
    → Works

No one here is going to be able to help you with that.

It’s a case of reading the API specification to find out what it will accept. There isn’t a standard for filtering, so its down to the individual API.

Anything else is just guess work. It won’t be “2 or 3 or 6” though (as you can’t have spaces).

First thing to find out is whether the APi actually allows this type of filtering in the first place. (or any filtering for that matter).

You are absolutely right.

I was thinking it was Postman who was handeling the filter option.
Thanks for the headsup!