File upload using postman without FILE option

Could you please tell me how to upload file without USING File option. I would like to know how I can upload file by following below approach.

From Body - Form data - Type as Text approach
How I can upload file using Body - raw - Json file type
I do not want to use File > Choose File option. I would like to execute through newman and using File > Choose file option it is failing.

I tried to use below approach but it is giving 404 as response.
Body - Raw–>
“uploadType”: “ORDER”,

Hi @Avdhesh752! You’ll want to check out this blog post :star2:

Hi @claire, is there any way to set the src value from Postman before exporting a collection? Because having to manually edit the collection after each export is a bit annoying.

Hi @jakub.danek! At the moment I don’t believe there is a way to do that, however that makes sense as something we can look into improving - if you have a free moment, we’d love for you to post this in #feature-requests!