Few Questions for Postman before Starting REST API Automation ( Need Help :)

Hey Guys,

I would like to ask several questions before starting REST API Automation. In few words, My product is installed on Linux Server and supports several REST API’s. The usuall Flows of each test is running REST API and verify the response ( Body, Response code, Headers). As part of the tests, i need to run CLI Linux command before/after the tests ( i.e ifconfig, reboot server etc )

  1. How do I run the command on remote host before/after test? Can i write the script in Python?
  2. if i want to run test1 as a precondition for test2, is it possible? I know i can create pre define script on the folder level but I want it for specific tests only.
  3. What is the best practice to parse pm. response for JSON and search for key and value. I know how to search for a string but doesn’t understard how to look for key and value pair.

Please advise :slight_smile: