Feature request: allow disabling redirects and cookies globally

Hi there,

Please consider allowing users to set defaults for all of a request’s fields, those that are visible from the Settings tab:


Having to individually disable the cookie jar for every single request I create is tiresome. The workaround I am using at the moment is duplicating a “template” request that already has the settings I need set, but I started doing this after building up a collection of many requests. So I still need to go through each request one by one and change their individual settings.

I would like to be able to mass edit requests OR be able to set defaults so that new requests are created with those defaults.

Hey @GrayedFox

As this is the Postman Users Community Forum, it’s not the best place to raise feature requests. Things in here can get lost within the other threads.

Could you create a new Feature Request on our Github Issues tracker, please.