Favorite weather API?

Hi folks!

Do any of you have a favorite (free) weather-related API? I’m specifically looking for historical weather data in Northern California, ideally by date and city. There are a few options out there that I’ve been playing around with, but do any of you fine people have a favorite or recommendations?

Hi Hannah,

Not sure if you still need this information, but I like Tomorrow.io and Weatherstack–both of which provide historical and geographical data.

  • Tomorrow.io offers “a lean and flat payload creates a seamless developer experience with comprehensive documentation, and cutting edge functionality.” (Source: The Top 9 Weather APIs for 2021)

  • Weatherstack has a great UI and is a lightening fast RESTful API, trusted by thousands of companies like Microsoft, Warner Brothers, etc.

If you have already proceeded with the project you needed the weather API for, which one did you choose and why?

Talk soon,

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Hi Gianni,

Thank you for the suggestions. I’ve avoided that part of the project, and this is good motivation to start again. Weatherstack seems very promising!!

I’ll report back on how it’s going :slight_smile:

This won’t be helpful if you specifically want historical data, but just recently I integrated OpenWeatherMap into a personal project. We have some garden plants which need to be taken indoors if the temperature drops below freezing, so I’ve set up a job which runs daily and sends an email alert if the plants need protecting (snippet below):

About the only downside with this API (other than the lack of historical data) is that they don’t currently have any “Run in Postman” buttons on the site - I’ll have a quiet word with them :smiley:


I’m a little bit late here but found the NOAA Climate Data Online (CDO) page which appears to have historical weather data for the US. You can define location, station and start-end dates so it might be helpful. And certainly looks free (key word) after email registration. Good luck!