Exporting from Braze via API to a CSV

Hi All,

Having some trouble with making sense of my first attempt at making a data extraction with Postman from a CRM/Email system called Braze.

The system has a dashboard where manual extractions to a CSV can be made however when the segment is above a certain size, they state you’ll need to use the API.

There are public documents here with sample code but it’s piecing it all together I’m having trouble with.

This page highlights the type of extraction I want (Users by Segment) POST: User Profile Export by Segment

And it gives a sample “See me in Postman”:

So many videos on YT with tutorials but nothing that really provides a simple example of what I need.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @Qaribbean, Welcome to the community!

I went through all the links provided. So in nutshell

This will be the endpoint
where instance URL will be your hostname of Braze instance.

Authorization should be bearer token which consists of api_key

Request is simple which you may populate and provide the fields which you want to extract.

In the response you will get link to file that is uploaded on s3 bucket, using the link you may download the file.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: .

Hi Pranav, thanks for your reply!

I understand it’s a POST request I need, but in terms of editing the body for the request I’m not sure what’s wrong with the syntax (unfortunately I don’t have experience coding JSON). I’ve tried to fill the sample with the correct bits I need see image:

instance_url and api_key are correct, but not sure what’s the issue with the first few lines.


Hi @Qaribbean,

You have placed curl command in the body which is incorrect.

Body should have value as below

    "segment_id" : "segment_identifier",
    "callback_endpoint" : "example_endpoint",
    "fields_to_export" : ["first_name", "email", "purchases"],
    "output_format" : "zip"

under authorization tab you may need to select bearer token and provide the token value and hot send.