Exported Collection containing file uploads no longer has source

Previously when I exported a collection that had a file upload as part of the body it would look like the following.

“key”: “FileName”,
“type”: “file”,

I could then easily run a bash script as part of my process to dynamically add the filename path that I was to use.

It currently now does NOT include the “src” attribute. Looking something like this below.

“key”: “FileName”,
“type”: “file”

What was the reason for this? It is just frustrating because it has broken quite a few tests in our CI/CD pipeline.

As far as I know, Postman uses absolute paths when referencing files. Saving an absolute path will make little sense as it is different from user to user AND it may pose a security issue as well.

But I do agree, it would be nice to save something without having to manually edit a collection.

Postman v7.1.0 onwards has a “Working Directory” setting where file references are maintained as relative links. So, you can use those relative file paths in your collection and the references will resolve based on the user’s working directory setting.

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Well… Ha Ha Ha… Thank you for finally getting that in the App. We have been asking for it for some time now. I did make a workaround… since I had not setup those file paths before now. But the working directory thing works exactly as I would expert it to do.

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