Execute Tests on a newly imported collection when Tests are available in an old existing collection set

I have created end to end ‘Tests’ flow for my collection in postman from my local system. Its running fine as expected.

But the problem is, now we started getting new collection sets each time after new deployment/build. so I have to manually import the latest collection to my postman to test manually.
The newly imported collection will not have my ‘Tests’ code for each requests which I created for an older version of collection to do a smoke/regression testing.
Now I have the older collection with my test scripts and variables and the new/latest imported collection in my postman.
Is there any way I can run the tests scripts in new collection without manually copy pasting my tests code to each and every request? How can i overcome this problem.

Kindly help, This actually blocked my work!

Note: I had created collection level variables in my older collection, now I have manually moved it to environment variables to that newly imported collection can use that. but the Tests are still unable to run.

Thanks in Advance!

Kindly help, This actually blocked my work!