Error while posting to node js to SQL db

I get this error while posting to SQL:

        const err = new RequestError(info, 'EREQUEST')'/info/Post',(req,res)=>{

    let data = [req.body.ID, req.body.Name,req.body.Appointment,req.body.Technology,req.body.Task] ;
    sql.query('Insert into info(ID,Name,Appoinment,Technology,Task) values (?,?,?,?',data,(err,rows,fields)=>{

postman msg


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This feels more likely a Stackoverflow question than something the would be answered on this forum but I think it might be a syntax error:

'Insert into info(ID,Name,Appoinment,Technology,Task) values (?,?,?,?'

I think you haven’t closed off the values correctly, it should have a ) before the last quote.

It also looks like you have a miss match on the word Appointment

Thanks for the reply! I saw the missing close bracket and the miss match word. I corrected those and the same error.

Is this needed?

Wouldn’t that try and send a response before the SQL query completes?

I added that just to test what’s being sent to node.

on postman this is the error:
Error: read ECONNRESET

It’s not a Postman error as such, you just happen to be using Postman to see the response from your server or lack of response in this case.

As I mentioned previously, this is a question that’s better asked on Stack Overflow as you would get a wider range of people with the necessary experience to answer the question.

These might help:

Thanks! I will check that out.