Error in the GET all players request

when I send request to get players in the student expert training i am getting thus error:

    "error": {
        "name": "instanceNotFoundError",
        "header": "Unable to find user",
        "message": "This user has been deleted."

Pretty sure that uses a mock.

What does the instructions tell you in this area.

just go to get all players and just click on send

I just forked the student expert training.

The instructions do indeed tell you to just run the first request in that folder.

However, that request is pointing to a mock which doesn’t appear to be returning the mock data.

Not sure if its a problem with the mock or not.
I don’t have the full instructions, so I’m not sure if you have to do anything else.

I can see a mock in the collection that you fork, but the responses seem to be missing.

If you click on the information icon against any of the responses, they all show “This user has been deleted”. Which seems to mirrors what is being returned.

Looking at the Mock server details in the collection you fork appears to show that this is the mock we are trying to consume.

I’m guessing that there is an issue with the Mock that Postman needs to fix.

I think someone is trying to fix this. I just got an change notification on the collection, and the original workspace has just disappeared. Fingers crossed.



Looks like its been fixed.

The mock appears to be returning data.

The request also seems to be working now.


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