Error in Day 26 Postman 30 Day Challenge

My Workspace code : 63090859-79f5-4aa6-8a69-04566b48ad5a
My Workspace Link : Postman

In this test

I am getting this error JSONError: . Even though I have stored in the form of JS array . Json.parse potentially causes the error message Unexpected token ‘h’ at 1:1 Postman ^

Even though I have logged in the lists itself as

And it seems a normal JS array
But couldn’t think of how to get rid of this error .

I have gone through previous queries too with respect to this challenge , but after hours getting stuck too , I couldn’t rectify the mistake .

Eagerly waiting for help to complete this challenge .
Thank you

What’s the script that you have in the test section?

What’s the response from that bing request?

What do the Collection variables look like as that should have the links key saved in there.

With these variables, you’ll need to ensure that they are in both the current and initial values.

It’s also worth searching the forum for similar questions like this:

Yess . Thanks @danny-dainton for the references and help.

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