Error in Assignment #1 : Valentino Artisan Coffee House API

Please I’m getting error when I ran my Verify your work in the assignment #1. Please see the result below:

    "error": {
        "name": "instanceNotFoundError",
        "message": "We could not find the collection you are looking for"

Hey @tyexcel :wave:

We might need some more information here?

A screenshot and some details about what you have done so far would help.

Have you selected the correct Collection Id? This should be the top level Collection and not a folder or a request.

Thanks so much for the response.
Please find the screenshot

There is a path variable in that URL for the collectionId, what is the value of that in the Params tab?

That request is returning a 404 because it can’t find that Collection and as the test scripts are expecting a particular response, it’s throwing a reference error.

Opening the Postman Console and checking what’s actually being sent will help here. It’s the best place to head when debugging any issue.

Thanks for your response. Here is the image for the params on the Path variables.

Where is your collection_uuid variable stored?

As Danny mentioned, the console log is your friend in these situations as it will log what is actually being sent by Postman.

This will show if its actually sending the collection details or blank info.

As this is a training course by @vdespa, there is a pretty extensive youtube video that goes along with it.

The best way to solve your current issue is to watch the video as Valentin explains what you need to do for Assignment #1 which includes getting the Collection Id.

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Thanks everyone for the help, I appreciate.
I followed the video and did the same thing as directed, but I’m still having the error.
The collection_uuid is saved in the environment variable

Without more information about what the error is or what you have else you have done, it’s very very difficult to help here.

We can’t click into that static screenshot to know what else it happening in that request so you’re going to need to fully explain what is happening or share more screenshots.

I’ve managed to find your Public Workspace:

Check the id that you have set for the collection_uuid and the actual value of the Collection Id.

Thanks so much @danny-dainton @michaelderekjones
I got the issue resolved.
My bad. I copied the id for ‘Verify your work’ as against ‘Assignment #1
Thanks for the help!

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